What runs through my mind now…

I write this as I am trying to finalise my itinerary for the Tasmanian leg for my upcoming travels in Australia.

My travel partner for this leg decided she wanted to visit Port Arthur on one of the days that we are in Hobart. I looked up Port Arthur; it seems like the Australian version of the Indian Kaala Pani for their convicts back in 1800s. While browsing for information related to Port Arthur, I came to know about a shooting incident in 1996 in which a socially outcast, mentally deranged male of about 30 killed 25 people as they dined in a restaurant. I am hoping my experience is not as dark as the facts I have uncovered about this place!

I am also toying with the idea of buying a handycam for this trip. It would be nice to film Uluru (4 hours drive from Alice Springs) and the drive on the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne. Think it might be worth making a quick decision on this one and buy a handycam. I leave on Saturday early morning (24 Oct) by the 6:30 am flight to Melbourne and stay 3 nights there before I fly to Alice Springs to go to Uluru. So a quick decision is in order.

I will fly from Alice Springs after two nights to spend one night in Adelaide. From Adelaide, I will fly to Hobart where my friend will join me. I plan to spend 4 nights in Hobart & Surrounds and leave for Devonport via Launceston to get on the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ to Melbourne. I am quite looking forward to the overnight journey which would be my first travel on a ship.

A day after Melbourne Cup day (Family & Community Day holiday in the ACT), I shall return to Canberra (4 Nov) after landing on the shores of Melbourne the same day.

P.S: My housemate suggested that I should check my camera if it allows for video recording (we both have the same camera PowerShot A590). I checked it out and sure enough it did.  I recorded a couple of test videos and was thinking that there would be no voice; turns out that the camera records voice as well. Seems I don’t really need a handycam I suppose. At least not if I am not planning to use it a lot since I have an SD of 2 GB only (have another one of 2 GB and yet another one of 1 GB).  One of the 44 second video is of 54 MB.  So, this means that I have roughly about 60 minutes of recording time between the three SD cards.  Yet, something is better than nothing I guess.


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